About us :

1998 - A young Belgian creates WEST Polska

1999 - WEST Polska became the first official distributor of the B&C brand in Eastern Europe.
We also open our own screen printing and embroidery workshop in order to give a complete service to our customers. We also import directly from Asia under the Joe Cool's label.

2004 - With the entry of Poland in the EC, we take the official distribution of the brands Russel, James Nicholson and Myrtle Beach.

November 2012 - Strategic change: we stop our cooperation with B&C and Russel to take the exclusive distribution of the brand Keya for Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

2015 - We are probably the largest Keya distributor in Europe with over 1.500.000pc in stock

About Keya:

Is Keya only a brand? Surely not!

Keya Knit Composite (KKC) is one of the largest fully integrated facilities in the world, with a yearly production capacity of over 100 million pieces of knit garments.

KKC employs more than 10,000 employees, maintaining the highest international standards including the prohibition of child labor.
KKC has its own Effluent Treatment Plan (ETP) to treat all the outgoing water and effluents which shows its commitment to a healthier environment
Thanks to the quality of its products and its industrial policy, Keya has achieved the Gold membership of the prestigious BGCCI (Bangladesh Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and is also holder of the Oeko-Tex, WRAP & Organic Certificates

For over 20 years, Keya wisely remained in the shadow, leaving the big international brands the care to sell his remarkable products. But in 2012, Keya decides to make the big step and comes out on the day light!

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